International workshop - Support of Home...

International workshop - Support of Homeowners through the Technical Advisory Centres

The organizers of the seminar - «The Housing Initiative for Eastern Europe» (IWO, Berlin) and МАМА-86-Odessa.

The event is organized within the framework of the project "HOME – The way forward for reforms in the housing sector: empowering grass-root homeowners associations in Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine". One of the objectives of the project is to assist homeowners by disseminating information and providing consultations. For structured and day-to-day support, 11 TACs have been established in the partner countries in order to improve knowledge in the housing sector. Activities in Technical advisory centers are diverse. Specialists of the TACs hold training seminars and courses, arrange events to raise the knowledge and awareness of citizens on property ownership issues, provide consulting through “hotline telephone” approach, establish cooperation on developing recommendations in national legislation, establish the platform for associations of co-owners of apartment buildings, non-governmental organizations and authorities for discussion of existing difficulties and perspectives in the field of housing management. Over the past two years, the staff of TACs have been improving their qualifications at training seminars and workshops, and exchanged the experience with their colleagues.

At the international seminar "Support of Homeowners through the Technical Advisory Centres - Best Practices and Lessons Learned" representatives of TAC from Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine will exchange their experiences, achievements, developed materials, and discuss the difficulties.

Within the framework of the international seminar, a separate discussion is planned on the theme "Sustainable work of the Technical Advisory Centres", which will be organized in the format of "Knowledge-Café". Participants will discuss and formulate pool of proposals about possible directions for further support of TAC.

Participants of the international seminar will also take part in the exposition-forum "EnergySphere" and will visit the Center of energy-efficient technologies (CEET).
Representatives of Technical advisory centers will discuss issues on improvement of the management of residential property management and creation of framework conditions for the energy renovation of residential and administrative buildings within the framework of the international conference "Refurbishment of Buildings".
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