Public Meeting with Organizations Workin...

Public Meeting with Organizations Working in Social Sphere

On November 21st the public meeting was held at Gori City Hall with organizations working in social sphere that aimed to share information with stakeholders who create, develop and execute various social services in Shida Kartli region. Representatives of the Advisory Committee, representatives of local government (1st deputy governor of Shida Kartli Ioseb Okromelidze, Deputy Gori Meri Ekaterine Sukhishvili and Majoritarian Member of the Parliament Ioseb Makrakhidze) and people interested in the issues were attending the meeting. The following topics were discussed at the meeting: ongoing social projects in the region, activities of the Advisory Committee and its achievements; PIN Supported social projects and more.

The event was carry out within the framework of the project “Enhancing the Participation of Regional CSOs in Policy Dialogue on Social Inclusion in Georgia", implemented by Czech non-profit organization PIN. One of the partners of the project is CHCA. The project is funded by the European Union and aims to deepen and strengthen cooperation between the public and civil sector.

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