The representatives of the civil society...

The representatives of the civil society will discuss the issues of housing management and energy efficient

The conference “Housing Policy, Sustainable Housing Management Practice, Energy Efficiency and Funding: current situation, challenges and perspectives for comprehensive solutions and affordable funding” will be held on 26 January 2018 at 11:00am at Hotel IOTA Tbilisi (10 Lermontovi street, Tbilisi). The conference is organised by Charity Humanitarian Centre “Abkhazeti”, Local Democracy Agency Georgia, Civil Society Institute, and New Technologies Center. 

The event gathers the stakeholders from the non-governmental, governmental and private sectors and its purpose is to discuss the housing and energy efficient renovation issues in Georgia. The conference keynote speakers and panel discussion participants will bring forward the most topical issues of housing policy, the capacities of the energy efficient modernisation of buildings, and other current issues in the field that are on the agenda in the context of the EU-Georgia Association Agreement.

The conference has been one of the first events on the housing issues after the EU-Georgia Association Agreement entered into force, and it highlights the role of the civil society and their interest representation.  Panel discussions on housing and energy efficiency that involve representatives of non-governmental, governmental and private sectors facilitate exchange of ideas and sharing of best practices. The event, overall promotes inclusion of the civil society interests in the elaboration and implementation of housing policy. 

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