"Attachment Theory" - training in Tbilis...

"Attachment Theory" - training in Tbilisi

On February 21 a training was conducted on the topic “Attachment Theory” at “Caritas Georgia” office in Tbilisi. Training cycle held for 18 caregivers of Small Group Homes and Crisis Centers began on February 19, and was provided by Association of Small Group Home Service Providers in Tbilisi. The association incorporates non-governmental organizations providing Small Group Home services in Georgia, including CHCA. 

Training cycles cover variety of topics and continue for 15 days. The training course corresponds to standards established by the state, which therefore are obligatory for the caregivers working in Small Group Homes. The trainings are held by the representatives of Small Group Home service providers. CHCA will conduct two seminars on following topics: the “Attachment theory” and on specificities of filling in the forms according to established service delivering standards. The trainings started on February 19 and will end on March 22. The trainings are hosted by “Caritas Georgia”.

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