CHCA continues to support the people in ...

CHCA continues to support the people in conflict with the law

16 convicts from Penitentiary Institution #16 participated in a four-month vocational training course - "handmade items and leather accessories" - in September-December 2017. The course participants have mastered the work on the skill at professional level, which will enable them to develop the design and work independently on the production of the different kinds of leather accessories in future. In addition, the participants attended social skills training course that covers 4 different topics. Social trainings will help the convicts to adapt to a new environment after they are released and more prepared to begin a new life. The next phase of the vocational training will be launched in March in Penitentiary Institution #16. 12 convicts will be involved in the four-month training course and they will acquire skills of working on enamel during remaining 4 months. Participants will be able to master various techniques of enamel work, as well as with the help of  teacher will be able to create several pieces.

A total of 76 beneficiaries will attend social skill trainings in Penitentiary Institution #16 and female Penitentiary institution #5, and 50 will undergo vocational courses. Project "Education for Reintegration – the way into Society" will last until 2020 and a total of 300 convicts, former convicts and probationers will receive various benefits, including social skills training, business training, internship, professional training and financial support by giving them equipment and other basic tools.

The project is funded by the EU and is implemented in Shida Kartli, Imereti, Samegrelo-Zemo Svaneti, Kakheti region and Tbilisi. The project is implemented by Arbeiter-Samariter-Bund (ASB) in partnership with the Charity Humanitarian Centre "Abkhazeti" (CHCA) and the Georgian Center for Strategic Research and Development (CSRDG).

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