"Identification and Prioritization of Pr...

"Identification and Prioritization of Problems"

On March 8-9 in Poti and Senaki, and on March 16-17 in Kutaisi and Tskaltubo, the training was held for the representatives of CSO of IDPs on the topic "Identification and Prioritization of Problems". 43 participants attended the session. During the training, the participants worked in small groups and presented various problematic issues that are present in their communities. In addition, each problem was prioritized and then ranked.

For IDP community it is important to identify the main problems because with their active participation in the framework of the project they will conduct the advocacy campaigns, roundtable discussions, meetings with representatives of local authorities and etc. The purpose of this activities is finding a positive solution to the problems existing in the IDP community. The project involves 35 IDP centers in Kutaisi, Tskaltubo, Senaki, and Poti.

Thekle Chichua - Senaki
Representative of CSO

The 19-year-old Thekle Chichua is from Abkhazia but now she lives in the former building of the boarding school in Senaki. She is the chairwoman of a community organization in her community. "I would like to take an active part in the activities planned within the framework of this project. We have a lot of problems in the community, but the most important of them is the arrangement of the courtyard. In the summer there is terrible dust, and in winter - impassable puddles. From this training I get the knowledge and experience that will help me cope with the challenges in my community," says Thekle.

Project name: Social and Political Integration of Internally Displaced Persons through Participatory Civic Monitoring and Advocacy
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