British Guests Visit in Georgia

British Guests Visit in Georgia

On September 27 and 29, British guests - Mem¬ber of the UK Parliament and the Shadow Min-ister for Peace and Disarmament and Fabian Hamilton as well as the Executive Chairman of the International Dialogue of Business and Par¬liament, Frederick R. Hayd-Chamber - visited the Tbilisi office CHCA as well as the Khurvaleti social enterprise “House Without Borders”. The meetings with British guests attended Alu Ga¬makharia, Chairman of Association “Peaceful and Business Caucasus” and Archil Bakuradze, Head of Business and Business and Economics Center.

September 27 – Tbilisi
The British guests met with CHCA’s Executive Director Nukri Milorava, as well as with the staff working on the Confidence Building Issues and, also, with organization’s beneficiaries and partners. The scope of the British guest’s inter¬est was the projects implemented by CHCA in Abkhazia and in IDP community.

September 29 - Village Khurvaleti
The British guests visited village Khurvaleti’s shel¬ter for elderlies “House without Borders”, which was established by CHCA in 2016. Guests interest¬ed in the elderlies’ personal stories. Moreover, the head of the shelter, Leda Salia, showed the gests the barbed wire fences made by the Russian occu¬pation regime.

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