Management and Development of Homeowners...

Management and Development of Homeowners' Associations - Training in Kutaisi

On September 3, a two-day training was held on the topic of "Management and Development of Homeowners' Associations" in the Kutaisi office of CHCA, which was attended by young leaders living in IDP settlements. The training included topics that are necessary for the establishment, management, and successful functioning of the Homeowners' Associations (HOA).

The topics of the training were:
  • The importance, establishment, and registration of the Homeowners’ Associations;
  • The rights and obligations of members and the chairman of the Homeowners’ Association;
  • Private property and common property;
  • Maintenance and development of common property;
  • Accountability and transparency;
  • Development of the common property of the of the Homeowners’ Association etc.
In addition, training participants received Georgian and German successful case studies of the managing and developing of Homeowners’ Associations.

The project is implemented by “Housing Initiative for Eastern Europe” (IWO e.V), the European Education Center for Housing and Real Estate (EBZ), Charity Humanitarian Center “Abkhazeti” (CHCA), and the Education Development and Employment Center (EDEC) with support from the Federal Foreign Office of Germany. The project aims to provide trainings to internally displaced young people on housing issues and based on German experience, prepare “Hausmeisters” for IDP settlements in Georgia. The best ten participants of the project will have a study visit in Germany to become familiar with the specifics of housing and local legislation of the country.

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