About IDPs living in so-called Vectoral ...

About IDPs living in so-called Vectoral Settlement

LEPL IDPs, Eco-Migrants and Livelihoods Supply Agency made a decision in Zugdidi, the so-called Vectoral Settlement as a dilapidated and life-threatening facility and the transfer of alternative housing to IDP families living there. The management of the agency has already informed the IDPs living in the building about this decision.
Charity Humanitarian Center "Abkhazeti" is constantly implementing various projects in the settlement to improve the livelihoods of IDPs. Following the announcement of the COVID-19 pandemic in March 2020, CHCA with the support of the United Nations Development Fund (UNDP) and other international partner organizations, responded immediately to the needs of IDPs in the settlement and began improving hygiene and sanitation.
​In addition, IDPs living in the so-called Vectoral Settlement recieved primary food items that were distributed to vulnerable families identified by a survey conducted by the organization. Also, a home-care service was launched, which was aimed at providing first aid and caring for the elderly.
Center "Abkhazeti" welcomes the decision of the Agency for Refugees, Eco-Migrants and Livelihoods and expresses its readiness in the future to identify the needs of the IDPs and the host community and find ways to avert them.

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