Conference - Conflict issues in post-ele...

Conference - Conflict issues in post-election period

On November 4-5, a conference about Conflict issues in the post-election period was organized by the United Nations at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Borjomi.
On the conference CHCA Executive Director N.Milorava adressed the atandees about the given topic and mainly underscored the humanitarian situation in Abkhazia, the prevention and management of the Covid-19 pandemic, the implementation of the Russia-Abkhazia cooperation agreement in the socio-economic sphere and obstacles, etc.
He noted that Russia is taking advantage of the challanging situation in Abkhazia and is carrying out pressure and blackmail. The de-facto government of Abkhazia, feeling the threat of destruction, is forced to make significant concessions about issues such as granting Abkhazian citizenship to the Russians and privatizing energy facilities. Civic leaders and NGOs have openly expressed dissatisfaction, especially with the clause in the agreement, which deals with the regulation of funding received from foreign organizations.

According to R. Karchava, the advisor of ​A. Bzhania and Member of the Reform Commission, it is not advisable to copy and transfer Russian legislation to Abkhazia, even because these laws are newly adopted in Russia, and practice has shown that they contain significant shortcomings and errors.
Several important reports and presentations were also presented at the conference:
Post-election situation and its implications for the process of conflict policy revisions - Archil Gegeshidze (Levan Mikeladze Foundation);
Civil Society engagement with the government institutions - Zviad Zviadadze (SMR), Keti Chumbadze (MFA);
The view from inside government (book presentation and discussion) - Paata Zakareishvili (Grigol Robakidze University)

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