Concrete Blocks Production

Since 2012 Giorgi Chigovadze has been running a construction business

which mainly involves the production of concrete blocks. Despite the business being a successful one, it was difficult for him to reinvest his profit into the purchasing of new equipment. Giorgi was very pleased when he heard about CHCA’s grant competition, and decided to participate, having great hopes that he would win it. He then successfully passed all stages of the competition and finally the grant committee gave him a EUR 4,000 worth of grant. Giorgi personally invested the same amount of money, and combined with the grant he was able to purchase a new forklift. ‘With the new forklift, laborers no longer needed to load the concrete blocks manually. That saves both time and money, as the work was significantly easier for my laborers and therefore my blocks production has doubled since as a result.’ said Giorgi. His enterprise currently has 9 long term employees, and out of which 2 employees joined as a result of the grant. Giorgi intends to expand his business and create even more jobs in the future.