Mobile Car Workshop

The social enterprise "Mobile Car Workshop" was established in February 2015 in Gori Municipality,

and is currently providing a variety of services for its customers, including repair of agricultural machinery, engines and suspension parts, and electric welding, as well as providing services to residents of the "buffer zone' along the ABL. The service is free-of-charge for IDPs and other conflict-affected persons. There are 6 employees in this social enterprise, who also share their practical knowledge with probationers and socially vulnerable youth.

The Mobile Car Workshop was established by the project "Social Enterprises for Internally Displaced Persons in Georgia" which was implemented by Arbeiter-Samariter Bund and Charity Humanitarian Centre "Abkhazia," with the financial support of the US Government. Within the project, there are six different ongoing social enterprises in the Shida Kartli region, including: 1) the Ergneti dairy enterprise, 2) House Without Borders, 3) Sunday school, 4) Children's Garden, 5) Masters from Liakhvi and 6) Mobile Car Workshop.