Training Workshop in Lviv/Ukraine

Training Workshop in Lviv/Ukraine

Training workshop will be organized from 12.09 till 16.09.2016 г. In Lviv in EUROHOTEL, str. Tereshkovcev, 6А. The workshop is organized by Lviv Housing Owners and Residential Real Estate Managers Association, Ukraine and the Housing Initiative for Eastern Europe (IWO), Berlin (Germany). The event is organized within the project "HOME - The way forward for reforms in the housing sector: empowering grass-root homeowners associations in Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine". The workshop in Lviv continues the programme of training activities aimed at enhancing the professional knowledge for experts of the technical advisory centres (TACs) and overall capacity of the TACs established in the partner countries of the project. TACs have been established to provide information and advice to homeowners to improve awareness in the field of housing management.

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