Increasing Homeowners' Associations' Pot...

Increasing Homeowners' Associations' Potential in Georgia

The seminar titled "Management in Housing Sector: Forms, Methods, Best and Unsuccessful Practice" is organised by the NGO "Institute for Urban Development " (based in Chisinau, Moldova) and the "Housing Initiative for Eastern Europe" (IWO, based in Berlin, Germany).

This workshop was within the project "HOME - The way forward for reforms in the housing sector: empowering grass-root homeowners associations in Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine". The project is being funded by the European Union and its purpose is to strengthen the role of civil society in national housing reform and housing management issues. The project is being carried out in Azerbaijan, Belarus, Moldova, Georgia and Ukraine under the same principles. Within the project, each participating country established a technical assistance centre, called the 'Resource Centre' which provide information and advice to homeowners.

During the workshop in Chisinau, participants discussed the problems and difficulties in the housing sector and shared the prospects of development within their own countries, as well as how to manage homeowners' associations and support the subsequent national reforms in the housing sector. The workshop in Chisinau was the third workshop following the previous two in Baku and Lviv. One of the three remaining workshops will be be held in Batumi. Information regarding the project, as well as other materials in concern with the seminar can be found at

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