Study Tour in Berlin

Study Tour in Berlin

The study tour is organized by Housing Initiative for Eastern Europe (IWO), Berlin (Germany). The visit in Berlin provides an opportunity to get information about German experience and to communicate directly with colleagues who work in the housing sector in Germany. During the study tour, experts from Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Germany, Moldova and Ukraine will gain knowledge on the following topics: 

  • Policy and results of the implementation of energy saving measures for administrative and residential buildings in Germany
  • Practice of management of multistoried buildings
  • Practice of protection of the rights of house owners in multistoried buildings
  • Experience of cooperation with population on issues as modernization and energy efficient refurbishment
  • Development of a barrier-free environment and urban planning

The study tour program is active and includes meeting with state authorities for the policy discussion in the area of energy efficient refurbishment of buildings and field visits for demonstration of achieved results. Participants will visit the housing company in Potsdam, German energy agency DENA, meet with business organizations that specialize on provision of thermal modernization of buildings. Issues on development of a barrier-free environment and promotion of the principle of inclusion (one of the sustainable development goals) will be discussed while visiting areas of refurbishment in Berlin - Marzahn-Hellersdorf and Potsdam-Drewitz.

The study tour includes active discussion of housing issues in the post-soviet countries with involvement of experts from Germany, that will support the preparation of the recommendations for changes in national legislation and work in the field of housing and energy efficiency in the partner countries of «HOME» project using complex approach.

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