IDPs received food supplies - Zugdidi

IDPs received food supplies - Zugdidi

40,000 families in Georgia live in life-threatening environments.
On Wednesday, 29 July, IDPs living in a Collective Center in Zugdidi received essential food supplies. CHCA is delivering food supplies to 150 families throughout Samegrelo. CHCA Staff selected families according to two main criteria: 1. The Number of Family Members and Socioeconomic Status. 2. Family Dependence on Social Services.
Qetevan Qimosteli, CHCA Social Program Manager, noted that:
"Most of the IDPs in our target collective centres are living in poverty, and all these families need urgent help. Unfortunately, we are limited in resources, and based on the research results, we have only four categories of people in desperate conditions who are in most need of emergency humanitarian assistance whom we can help. These groups are persons with disabilities, older residents living alone, pregnant women and mothers of infants, and people with chronic illnesses. However, in the survey, when we asked respondents whether they or their family members had been hungry during the last 3 to 12 months, most of the residents said that they had."
CHCA surveyed 500 IDP Families in 100 Collective Centres and 300 Disadvantaged Families will assistance, including 150 in Samegrelo, 75 in Imereti, and 75 in Shida Kartli. In April, CHCA launched an anti-COVID-19 project in 100 IDP Collective Centres to prevent the spread of the pandemic to the most vulnerable groups. In the first phase of the project, CHCA Staff provided IDPs living in collective centres with general hygiene items and disinfectant equipment; and they trained community leaders on Pandemic-Era Leadership.
This project is implemented by Charity Humanitarian Center "Abkhazeti" and funded by UNDP. CHCA has been conducting anti-COVID-19 projects since April and is currently carrying out measures against COVID-19 in 100 IDP Collective Centers in three regions of Georgia. Among them, 50 Collective centres are in Samegrelo, 25 Collective Centres in Imereti and 25 Collective centres from Shida Kartli.

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