Home Care for Elderly Residents

Home Care for Elderly Residents

CHCA launched a home care service for the elderly living in Zugdidi. The first recipients of this home care service are elderly people living in IDP collective centers, who will receive medical services. People living alone, incapacitated people, and the chronically ill are receiving medical care at home by professionals.
Natia Bolotashvili, a Care Home Coordinator at CHCA noted: “We developed an individual service plan for each elderly person, and our representatives make visits 2 to 3 times per week as needed. The beneficiaries are mainly elderly people living alone who need help with hygienic procedures, massage therapy, room tidying, medicine delivery, and hygiene items. They feel hopeful and are very grateful towards our nurses. They are very kind, and this is the first time that they have received home care services."
CHCA will provide home care service to 20 elderly people in 5 Zugdidi IDP Collective Centers. The services started on August 15th and will last for three months. CHCA is combining this with an advocacy campaign to highlight the necessity of this care for elderly people, and promote local governments and communities taking responsibility for these people’s care.

Project - "Prevention of COVID-19 Spread in IDP Collective Centers"
Donor – UN Development Program

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