PPSP Supervisory Board Meeting

PPSP Supervisory Board Meeting

A meeting of the PPSP Project Supervisory Board was held on November 2-3 in Kachreti, Hotel Ambassadori. At the meeting, CHCA Executive Director Nukri Milorava made a presentation about the activities of the CCC Network. He noted that 5 meetings of a network of 35 organizations were held in different cities of Georgia for past 2 years.
Up to 30 important issues and problems were discussed on the meetings, 14 institutional and systemic decisions were made, 6 joint events were held. He stressed the importance of the CCC network Facebook page, noting that the page already has more than 100 closed members and has published more than 1,500 news stories.

The following issues on the agenda were also discussed at the meeting of the Supervisory Board:
Zviad Modebadze - Social Return on Investment -Theoretical and Practical Overview ;
Lika Kivadze - Coordination Council for Supporting Social Services Provision for PwDs;
Irakli Mkheidze - Desk research on Municipal Social Programs;
Diana Janashia - Workshop on Advocacy and Advocacy Campaigns;

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