Training - Finding and managing financi...

Training - Finding and managing financial resources for small business

On November 12-13, in Livelihood Development Centre Zugdidi, within the project "Support to Empowerment of Representatives of IDPs and Socially Vulnerable Host Community in Zugdidi Municipality", which is implemented in Samegrelo Region with support of Zugdidi Municipality, socially vulnerable and IDP beneficiaries were trained on the topic: Finding and managing financial resources for small business.
    As a result of the training, the beneficiaries were provided with information on the characteristics and role of small business, financial management issues, practical examples of rational use of funds, methods of finding financial sources, reviews and analysis.
   Overally, 5 beneficiaries participated in the grant competition of the program "Support of IDP Economic Initiatives" announced by the LEPL "Programs and Services Agency" of the A/R of Abkhazia,  with a support of the business consultant of the  Livelihood Development Centre.

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