"Supporting Conflict Transformation Thro...

"Supporting Conflict Transformation Through the Provision of Social Services and Entrepreneurship" (EU4Dialogue)

In the month of April, trainings were held in Zugdidi municipality within the framework of the project "Supporting conflict transformation through the provision of social services and entrepreneurship" (EU4Dialogue), one of the main components of which was the strengthening of household owners' cooperatives:
- Raising the level of awareness and knowledge about homeowners;
- Creation of partnership;
- Promoting the development of practical aspects of skills for registration and development.
A training module on partnership was developed by the organization. Both the main legal framework and the regional normative framework and existing practices on the partnership, partnership management and development were used.
The needs of the beneficiaries were taken into account and the importance of establishing a partnership, electing a chairman, developing a charter, partnership registration procedures and strengthening practical skills was emphasized.
 A total of 120 residents of collective settlements attended the trainings, the existing facilities were evaluated and the leaders who will lead the procedures for strengthening the community module were selected.
An evaluation of the objects in the region, in Zugdidi Municipality, was done by legalizing locations and the number of owners should be more than 2/3/. To create a partnership and elect a chairman, it is important that the number of owners in the building is appropriate. To determine this, the organization carried out the inspection of objects assortation in terms of promoting partnership creation. Specifically, check the legal status of the building, the number of residents and apartments in the public register; Updated the excerpts of buildings from the public register, verified and analyzed how many owners - members of potential cooperatives were various locations.
 In addition to the theoretical part arising from the interactivity of the beneficiaries, the main emphasis was on the procedures of creating a partnership, electing the chairman, developing the statutes, registering the partnership, and strengthening practical skills.
 Much attention was paid to the issues of real implementation of the goals of the partnership (maintenance and development of common property).
To assess the awareness and knowledge level of the beneficiaries, pre- and post-tests were developed, and according to the results, the knowledge level of the beneficiaries increased by 65-80%.
The regulations were prepared individually, considering the interests of each location with the involvement of the leaders. to assist with procedural issues during the meeting.
Within the framework of the project, the organization has already applied for and registered 8 condominiums in relation to local municipalities.
 In the end, by this stage, 11 objects and 528 apartment-owners were checked, and documentation was prepared, a circle of people was determined at each location to hold a meeting and create a homeowners association.

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