20 June - International Day for the IDP'...

20 June - International Day for the IDP's

Up to 100 million people in the world have the status of internally displaced persons or refugees. In Georgia, the number of internally displaced persons from Abkhazia and Tskhinvali region is up to 300 thousand.

Charity Humanitarian Center "Abkhazeti" (CHCA) has been serving its mission since 1995, which is to increase access to sources of livelihood of conflict-affected and other socially vulnerable persons and ensure their social and economic integration. Over the years, we have implemented more than 250 projects, the number of direct beneficiaries of which exceeds 100 thousand.

Many programs have been implemented or is on going for the integration of internally displaced persons into the society, in the promotion of the provision of proper residential apartments and comfortable conditions for displaced families in modern residential buildings, in the direction of educating talented young people, helping elderly displaced pensioners, and taking care of health; For the support of our population living in the occupied territories, for promoting the process of reconciliation and trust restoration between the parties, etc. Despite the many implemented activities and the initiation of engagement mechanisms, the lack of information in the IDP community about the news and events that directly affect their daily life remains a challenge.

CHCA continuously initiates mechanisms for finding solutions to research-based challenges. In present day too, from December 1, 2023, CHCA operates a hotline for social services, assistance and consultation, which is the fastest and most qualitative tool for receiving information for the beneficiary. Hotline number is 032 2 152 911

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