Marta Bibilashvili – Study Visit in the ...

Marta Bibilashvili – Study Visit in the United States

(January 25th through February 13th) on a study trip funded by the U.S. Embassy in Georgia. She participated in a special Embassy program, International Visitors Leadership Program (IVLP). The program included visits in six cities: Washington, New York, Salt Lake City, Orlando, Manchester and Boston. The aim of the program covered how to include youth in volunteerism activities. The participants visited NGO’s which receive funding from private and public sector donors, and attended some cultural and social events. 
Marta Bibilashvil was nominated to participate in IVLP by Peace Corps. CHCA has been hosting a Peace Corps volunteer, Sara Feldman, in their Gori office for almost two years. Sara Feldman and Marta Bibilashvili have collaborated on and implemented several small projects, funded by Peace Corps. CHCA thanks the U.S. Embassy in Tbilisi and Peace Corps Georgia, and is sure that this kind of program will support both organizational and country development.

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