Ramaz Tsiklauri - Vegetable Farming

Ramaz Tsiklauri - Vegetable Farming

"I own 1.2 hectares of arable land, where I grow high yielding onions. I have years of experience in this field, and I provide high-quality products to customers by adhering to regulations and new technologies."
Ramaz Tsiklauri received an interest-free loan of 5,000 GEL through USAID Zrda in December 2019 and used the money to fund 500 kg of quality seeds, land cultivation services, and crop harvesting.
"My business is successful due to my fertile land, my irrigation systems, the high demand for my products, my proximity to the market, and my systematic knowledge of horticulture. In July and August of this year, I harvested about 30 tons of onions, and I will sell the products to other businesses which I have worked with for years."
Ramaz Tsiklauri plans to create an apple orchard using modern technologies. Its goal is to harvest more than one square meter and produce high-demand products. Family members also help with the business, and they regularly consult with agronomists.

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