Nanuli Choladze - Bashi, Samtredia

Nanuli Choladze - Bashi, Samtredia

Nanuli Choladze - Livestock / Pigbreeding
Village Bashi, Samtredia Municipality

In December 2020, Nanuli Choladze returned from Switzerland into her native Georgia. She received 16,338 GEL in February 2021 from a Swiss organization, International Social Service, for reintegration, economic empowerment and livelihoods in her home country, and used the money to start a livestock business. She returned to her native village of Bashi, and began rebuilding the family farm. With financial support from International Social Service, she bought 10 sows, including Yorkshire, Hampshire, and Lantra breeds, and three cattle, and at her own expense bought one boar and set up cattle housing.
"It is very hard work which needs a diligent approach. Me, my daughter, and my eldest son are working in the process, I think I will have a tangible profit for this summer, I already have six piglets and I am still waiting for more. My wish is to stay here and develop the activities I have started, I want to improve and expand the business, I want to have all kinds of livestock, including chickens, turkeys, ducks, and other types of cattle, I want to build a big farm here. The problems caused by the coronavirus forced me to start agricultural work. If it wasn’t for financial help, I wouldn't have had any opportunities right now, and I am sure that this would be a very difficult employment situation. This help was like water to fish for me."
Currently, Nanuli Choladze successfully continues to run her family business, and she expects to receive her first profit from the business in the summer.

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