Empowering Young Women through Economic ...

Empowering Young Women through Economic Independence!

Exciting news from Kutaisi! "Iberia" College is currently hosting a training course on Georgian cooking, a program that kicked off in October, aiming to economically empower young women living in Abkhazia.
The project's mission is clear: to equip these young women with the skills for a demanding and income-generating profession, thereby fostering economic strength among the youth.
What makes this initiative even more remarkable is the collaboration at "Iberia" College, where young people from different regions study together, taking a significant step towards their integration.
The training journey will conclude in 2024, culminating in the distribution of work equipment to these aspiring young chefs.
A heartfelt thank you to the "Support for conflict transformation in the South Caucasus and the Republic of Moldova" project, made possible by the generous financial support of the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) and the European Union (EU) within the framework of the EU4Dialogue project.
Let's celebrate the economic empowerment of these young women and the positive impact projects like these have on our communities! #EconomicEmpowerment #YouthDevelopment #UNDP #EU4Dialogue

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