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Enhancing the Participation of Regional CSOs in Policy Dialogue on Social Inclusion in Georgia

Project name: Enhancing the Participation of Regional CSOs in Policy Dialogue on Social Inclusion in Georgia

Project goal:  to strengthen the link between public and civic actors and harmonize their activities in the area of social inclusion by establishing a joint advisory body, the Advisory Council on Social Inclusion (AC), and piloting Social Integration Program (SIP) on approach with four CSOs in four municipalities.  
The Joint action of the Advisory Council will produce strategic directions for local social inclusion activities. An Intensive capacity building, mentoring and networking activities will support targeted CSOs to become stronger partners to public institutions and participate in setting priorities and increasing the efficiency of social inclusion programmes at local and national levels.
Target Groups of the Project: 1. Civil Society Organizations (CSO); 2. Local Authorities (LAs); 3. Vulnerable groups.
Project Activities: 
Transfer of social integration approaches to the Georgian context
Capacity building of the Shida Kartli region-based CSOs
Formation of the Advisory Committee on Social Inclusion and its agenda
Expert study and participatory needs assessment on social services available and vulnerable groups failing to reach state social assistance
Capacity-building of advisory committees on strategic planning
Participatory monitoring of the municipal budgeting, accountability and social inclusion programs .
Expected results:
CSOs engagement in policy dialogue on social inclusion will be increased through enhanced expertise, capacity, consolidated evidence and networking
Local Social Inclusion Strategy reflecting population needs and including innovative approaches will be produced in a participatory way.
Innovative approaches for CSOs participation in locally coordinated programs on social inclusion will be piloted.
Donor: European Union, Ministry of Foreign Affears of Czech Republic 
Implementing organization: People in Need (PIN)
Locations: Shida Kartli (Gori) region. 
Implementation period: January 2017 - May 2018 

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