14 entrepreneurs received interest-free ...

14 entrepreneurs received interest-free loans - Zrda Activity in Georgia

On December 20, the Loan Committee was held in the CHCA’s Tbilisi office, where 23 proposals of small business entrepreneurs (greenhouses, beekeeping, guest house, woodworking) were discussed and 14 of them received interest-free loans from the project. The total amountof loan is 75 000 GEL. "Zrda Activity in Ggeorgia" is a five-year project. Within this project, 150 entrepreneurs will receive interest-free loans. CHCA has implement the project in the Samegrelo-Zemo Svaneti region. At this stage, only 59 small entrepreneurs were financed. Applications for the next cycle will begin on January 15.

Jemal Bigvava – darcheli / Zugdidi
Syrup production for bee feeding
Jemal Bigvava received 4000 GEL an interest-free loan for the development of syrup for feeding bees. Thanks to the project, he will purchase the necessary equipment for syrup production.

"No one produces these kinds of food for bees in Samegrelo. The beekeepers import the product mainly from Tbilisi, and this is quite expensive. The price for syrup for bee feeding is between 7 to 10 GEL while the price of the product I will produce would be 4 GEL. One beefamily needs about 10-15 kg of food per year. The beekeepers have more than 10 000 bee boxes in Samegrelo region and I have a connection with all of them, which will help me to realize the product. In addition, I will employ 3 people in my business and the average monthly salary for them will be 300-400 GEL“.

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