Julieta Meparishvili - Sewing Salon

Julieta Meparishvili - Sewing Salon

Julieta Meparishvili - Sewing Salon / Ganmukhuri, Zugdidi

Within the framework of the project “Zrda” Julieta Meparishvili received an interest-free loan of 2000 GEL in 2017 and purchased a modern type of sewing machine, stretch sewing machine and other necessary materials. She was intresting in sewing since childhood because her father was a tailor and cooperative owner. However, the sewing work has become a source of income for her since 2015. 

Julieta Meparishvili’s main consumers are school and kindergarten in Ganmukhuri. In 2017 school year she received a large order from the public school, and sewed 150 school uniforms for schoolgirls and schoolboys. 

Julieta Meparishvili’s future plan is to expand the sphere of activity. She wants to promote her own business. Her intention is not only to receive orders from customers, but also independently create and sell their own models. 

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