US Ambassador Kelly C. Degnan visited CH...

US Ambassador Kelly C. Degnan visited CHCA

US Ambassador Kelly Degnan visited CHCA on April 29. The meeting with the US Ambassador was attended by CHCA representatives and beneficiaries at the Livelihood Development Centre (LDC). The LDC was established in 2019 as part of a project supported by the US Government.
Kelly Degnan heard from USAID and BPRM project participants about the problems and challenges in the region. Importantly, they noted security issues in the conflict-affected community, the humanitarian and economic situation in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, and obstacles in crossing the Abkhazian border. The leaders of the IDP community noted the humanitarian, social, and infrastructural problems caused by the COVID-19 pandemic in the collective Centres.
In addition, Ambassador Degnan met with community leaders and NGO representatives working in Samegrelo.

Nukri Milorava, Executive Director, CHCA:

"CHCA and other local NGOs provided Ambassador Degnan with information about the challenges in the region. As we know, there are many problems in the IDP and conflict-affected communities, in addition to problems in general society, however, we have focused on several issues - employment and livelihoods, access to social services, IDP accommodation, and the social situation in Collective Centres. At CHCA, we conducted a survey of 100 IDP Collective Centres in 2020 and now we have data and insights regarding the IDP community. We know their needs, we know how hard the environment is and the personal risks the IDPs still experience. We provided the survey (High-Risk Group Needs Survey on the COVID-19 Pandemic) to Ambassador Degnan and all meeting participants. I have promised that we will spare no effort and will pay maximum attention to solving these problems."

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